Identify Your Property


Trace™ has collaborated with a world leading asset identification, authentication and management organization. Incorporating proven micro-dot technology with an interactive and secure database, Trace™ has changed the way property crime is deterred and detected.

In accordance with police services across Canada, Trace™ has developed a local communication and information campaign that informs the public, pawn shops and second hand stores as to how they can be active participants in theft prevention and theft detection.

  • Enables police to identify stolen property
  • Enables police to return your stolen property
  • Enables you, through theft prevention, to make a difference in your community

How it Works

It all comes down to the odds of getting caught. Informing would-be thieves that the contents of your home are marked and registered with unique identifiable numbers will make them think twice about stealing your property. Adding to the deterrent, Trace™ provides detection equipment to the stores and shops where thieves try to unload their stolen property.

Trace™ pens are filled with thousands of tiny discs, about the size of a grain of sand, suspended in a phosphorous acrylic adhesive. Each tiny disc holds a unique personal identification number (PIN) linking your property to you within a global database. This database is accessed by Law Enforcement agents when they suspect that they have located stolen property.

For over a decade, DNA’s technology has been successfully used all over the world by the automotive industry to reduce theft rates for cars and trucks bound for chop-shops because micro-dot marked parts are identifiable even if they have been removed from the originally stolen vehicle.



“Trace™ pens are filled with thousands of tiny discs, about the size of a grain of sand”

Protect your home from break-ins.
Protect your property from theft.
Protect your family from theft-related violence.

"Trace™ provides Law Enforcement
and other agencies the ability to
determine ownership and return property"


Each year, millions of dollars in stolen/lost property is not returned as its ownership cannot be determined. Trace™ provides Law Enforcement and other agencies the ability to access ownership information and return property.

Trace™ enables Law Enforcement to go from suspicious to probable cause. Even though an officer may believe a suspect is in possession of stolen property, it is very difficult to detain the suspect or the property as it is hard to identify the rightful owner. Through Trace™, an officer can determine ownership of stolen property thus providing probable cause to hold the suspect for investigation.




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